'My name is Evan Buzzell and I make cool stuff.

I essentially operate on creativity and "what if?"I'm an artist and storyteller with a knack for simplifying the chaos.This is my passion, my one true love, my art.I have no patience for mediocrity,and I'm bored to tears by the monotonous.I still believe in style and quality, in being unique.I wholeheartedly embrace my spark of madness,because that's my unique contribution to the universe.'

Evan Buzzell isa filmmaker, visual artist, writer, polymath, futurist, and humanitarian based out of Greater Los Angeles.

Evan graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder in 2013 with a Bachelors in Astrophysics, minor in Technology, Arts, & Media, and an Associates in Fine Art.

Known as a “Wizard” to many, Evan has an unmatched skillset and a unique perspective that brings fresh eyes to any situation. He has been creating films since he was in grade school and started designing websites professionally at fourteen. Evan created his first short film at sixteen and moved to New Zealand at twenty to create an adventure web-series.

Having grown up through the beginnings of the internet, Evan’s understanding of how people interact using technology allows him to create with the bigger picture in mind. He’s created content for numerous industries and feels he can accomplish anything he sets his heart to.

Some of his recent clients include Google and Facebook, while his focus remains on film, music videos, television, and high-end content for boutique brands.

Evan’s philanthropic endeavors

include working with mountain communities to address their housing crisis, festival documentaries about food innovations in alpine environments, and spending several years volunteering with an organization teaching at-risk youth life-skills through action sports.

Evan’s skillset extends past the boundaries of any single medium.

He’s been immersed in technology since the origin of the personal computer. He’s worked in various skilled trades, leading his first construction crew at the age of seventeen. Evan has designed numerous technology products and is now working on ways to help cities run more efficiently.

Upon graduating University, Evan started his own creative agency with Scott Thompson in 2014 and moved to California. That year, they won New Business of the Year.

During that time,Evan worked on every stage of the process.

He worked directly with clients to find the right marketing and advertising solutions for them. He handled the entirety of pre-production and wore numerous hats in production, settling in to Directing and Cinematography duties full-time. He continued this theme throughout post-production, becoming a master editor, colorist, and 3D animator.

This collection of skills allows Evan to be the Director he is today.
His familiarity with each creative process in cinema allows him to work intimately with every role, creating films that are cohesive and innovative.

This balance of intellectual, artistic, social, and physical abilities infuses universal genius to Evan’s distinct style. A visionary Renaissance Man.