Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

I was reading an article this week from a psychologist whose demographic is primarily “Millennials,” and she was elaborating on her most heard complaint: We have too many choices. It causes us anxiety, because we stress about making the right decision.

This causes decision paralysis. You may know this. You have so many places to eat that you can’t choose one, so you eat in-n-out because.. fuck it. Or Netflix.. you know how many times I look for a movie on Netflix and just turn it off without choosing anything? Probably 2/3 of the time I open Netflix.

I have this polarity, since birth, and it’s quite interesting to be aware of.

I can see every option, every outcome, and the path towards them… so I tend to spend a lot of time running scenarios at the speed of quantum entanglement. I can stew, optimizing every turn along the way, thinking of every foe and how best to navigate them.

It can cause me to sit there and not make any decisions at all.

Until you put me in CREATE mode.

Then I have an answer for everything. I just listen to my gut and let the decisions come as the muse whispers. I feel that’s a reason why I love making films so much. When it’s time to direct, I must make every single decision, in the split second of time, with full authority in my voice. Your team has to feel that your vision is clear and their trusty leader will bring about the best decisions for the greater good of all involved.

Red or Blue? Left or Right? Or straight? Higher or lower?

BUT before you begin production, you get to think about every single one of those decisions. You can plan for how to best approach something, you can think about what each object means, you can make it as efficient as possible… until you say “ACTION.”

“A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” – Gen. George Patton

We are a generation who has more choices than any generation before us. We have so many places we can imagine ourselves going, but many of us are stuck in neutral, waiting to make a decision at the crossroads.

Here’s a little piece of wisdom that was enforced recently: With every decision, you obtain more data. You refine your choices. You see how that decision felt, and you can then make the next decision a little easier. But you gotta make decisions. And you still gotta feel your options out! That’s where the finesse lies. That’s the skill of decision making that needs your practice.

I love making movies because it puts me in the hotseat. I’ve done all the research, I’ve thought all the thoughts, and questioned all the questions.. but now I must make these decisions in real time, with many a crew looking for guidance.

Red, Left, and put that shit WAAAY up higher. Also, let’s try this too.

Make some decisions this week. To keep shit, to release shit, to go make shit happen.

It’s all data in this game of human.