One of the things that makes me *ME* is my attention to detail. I’m obsessed with details, almost to the point of neuroticism. If you’ve ever worked with me on a project, odds are pretty good that I’ve asked you to move something over a pixel or slide a cut back one frame. “No one will notice it but you” .. Yeah, you’re right, I will definitely notice it, and it matters to me.

I’ve worked hard on knowing when the details are important and when I should just let certain things go. It’s a daily practice because I notice EVERYTHING! From that odd reflection in the window to the untold pain behind your words, I love details because THE LOVE is in the details.

Details are what makes you who you are. They individualize you. The way your dimple slides up your face when you fill with laughter is a detail. The way your feet hit the pavement and shoulders sways as you walk is your detail. The way something feels in your hand, or the movement it puts in to your body is a detail.

Details are style. The little nuggets of love from the person who crafted it. The reminder of the human on the other side of creation. An intentional design choice inspired by the universe through the artisan’s unique history.

Details are Love. They’re buying your babe lilies because they’re her favorite. They’re making sure you don’t get cilantro on her tacos. They’re the extra effort to make the world a little bit more enjoyable for another person. ~||~
They’re the way your character moves or a title comes in to frame. The weathered look on their face; the pain behind their words.
I love details because THE LOVE IS IN THE DETAILS.

Shai, Keeper of the Records, @kafkaesque_koolaid nailing all the details before his next scene for @gatheryourarrows. MUA: @mar5_15, Photo: @kileymac