Looking back on the last decade, I saw one common theme across the board: Chasing.

I started my 20s chasing EVERYTHING. Experiences, places, things, feelings, women, success, knowledge, peace, happiness. If it could be chased, I fuckin chased it. And if it could be ran from, odds are good I spent some time running from it too.

I quickly realized that I also experienced things that so many humans could only wish to experience in their whole lifetime, and that was something that made me extremely grateful, and extremely anxious.

At 20, I moved in to my first apartment with 3 of my best friends that I still talk to almost daily. On move-in day, we opened the door and my mom immediately walked out because of how disgusting the apartment was. Every other unit in our complex got new carpet, except for ours, which had a new 10ft by 8ft puke stain from the rugby bros last party in the middle of the living room floor.

The property managers didn’t think that we were worth putting new carpet in for, because “We were 4 boys” and “Couldn’t be trusted with nice things, like new carpet.”

That was a theme of worth that pretty much sums up my entire 20s lol.
After a whole lot of standing up for ourselves, we got new carpet, and the good times rolled.

That span of my early 20s consisted of a whole lot of self-discovery. I was helping run the largest collegiate club in the world, Boulder Freeride, a collection of students who were down to snowboard, ski, party, and fuck-up as many things as humanly possible. It was a group of kids leading kids, with us only being slightly more sober and straightheaded than the rest of the bunch.

It was as close to a frat as you would have any of us ever admit to say, and I’d get popped in the mouth by a couple friends for even uttering that phrase, but alas, it was a group of people who all shared similar interests.

That sophomore year was the first year I broke over 100 days on my snowboard in one season. I was still an studio art major at the time, and I arrived to many a class late, stoned, and in ski-gear, board in tow.

June 6th 2011, at 21 years of age, I decided it was time for a break from all that snowboarding and partying and that I needed to move to New Zealand to continue partying and snowboarding. My buddy Scott and I bought a couple plane tickets to Queenstown with no idea where were would even stay, and no jobs in tow. We just wanted to snowboard and document it on a blog in video form. I convinced Boulder Freeride to let me go and take a hiatus, so long as I created content and managed my duties of creating a new website and membership system from the other side of the world.

We would eventually find jobs, and so started a look of waking up at the crack of dawn, catching the bus to the hill, riding until 1:30, catching the bus to work, working until 2am, partying until 5am, and then starting it all over again the next day.

Anyone who knows me, knows my body does not operate like that AT ALL, so it was only a matter of time before I broke. And when I broke, I went full fuckin bore.

I was working at Winnies Gourmet Pizza Bar. Winnies was a family establishment during the day, and then the hottest babes in NZ would slut it up for drink specials in the evening. It was pretty wild, and it was definitely the place EVERYONE wanted to work at. I got a job washing dishes in the back because the manager had spent a season in Breckenridge, and I’m a smooth talker. I slugged my way through my first night, only burning the fuck outta myself once (still have a pizza shaped scar on my arm from it), and got the job, on the condition that I would need to hurry the fuck up quick lol.

NZ was fuckin WILD. The bars closed at 5am, and the last food joint, Fergburger (which has the best burger on the planet, and I will straight up fight you on it. Yeah, Whis, Splitz is FIRE, but its my #2, sorry not sorry) closed at 5:30 am. One of our regular establishments was this bar that had a miniramp in it. You could get a liter and skate an indoor ramp all night. It was also during the Rubgy World Cup that we lived there, and if you know anything about NZ, the All Blacks are the biggest thing in the world to those people. I’ve never started drinking at 7am before, but there wasn’t much choice at that time.