I would find out 3 weeks later that I passed the class with a C-. That woman gave me the grade, because I showed up and did everything I said I would, after I owned my mistakes.

But the battle wasn’t over. Now I was graduated, with a bachelors in Astrophysics, a minor in Technology, Arts, and Media, and an Associates in Fine Art, with no fucking clue what I was going to do with my life.

Depressed, and living on my brothers couch in boulder, I was working for the Colorado Daily, hustling to make $3/photo to eat.

My close friend Nick Tarnofsky called me one day: “Evan, I have a song I want to make a music video for, and I don’t know anyone but you who knows how to do video stuff. I have $200 bucks, a case of beer, and I can buy dinner. Are you down?”

And then goes history. I called Scott Thompson, the dude I went to NZ with to come and help me with lighting, and Scott knew of this perfect abandoned horse stable off his fishing spot that we could sneak in to after dark and film.

We ended up winning that competition. After a nice skate session in Erie, enjoying the fruits of our labor, Scott asked me: “Have you ever thought about doing this for money?”

Not until that moment, no! And now we were in the full midst of starting a video production company.

An astrophysicist and businessman walk in to a bar…

We met with Boulder’s Unreasonable Institute, a group of young entrepreneurs who help people start businesses, and planned to move to Tahoe, where we would spend a year snowboarding after college and try to see if we could start a business.

We moved in to Scott’s parent’s house for a few months while we drove up to Truckee every day and showed up to every real estate business in the city, decked out in suits. We stood out like sore fucking thumbs in that town.

We thought we had a great idea. At the time, real estate was just shitty virtual tours. These tours were hosted on someone elses account, so they were not only bad, but they were horrendous for google search. We had a better plan: Real Estate Video.

Down side is we were 4 years too soon. No one wanted to pay for that shit. But on a whim, the CITY OF TRUCKEE gave us a shot to film a commercial for them. We slayed it, and then we started getting all this commercial work in town. Now we were a fucking advertising agency.

We weighed heavily if we were going to get jobs at the ski resort while we did this as a side hustle, or if we should fully commit, knowing that if we leapt, that it was the only way to make rent, and we’d have to make it happen.

That year, we won New Business of the Year at the Best of Truckee Awards. Two young ass shred rats taking the award from some decently stiff competition, 30 years the younger of anyone in that room.

That carried us on to many different projects, but we quickly ate up all the work in the area. We had a business model of creating videos that people could still use 5 years later.. which, 5 years later, put us out of business lol.

I was still super heart broken and my depression only got worse as I fought determining my worth by clients who wanted to pay us pennies on the dollar and didn’t want to pay us on time. It was straining Scott and I’s relationship, because we lived together, and worked on very different schedules.

Scott started working on a Real Estate video project with a friend of ours, and I had zero interest in doing that at the time. We had just got our first film in a film festival and I was starting to feel that pull towards creating TV shows and Features.

I started creating things with my friend Drew, who owned Dark Horse Coffee Roasters. That was the seed that brought me to where I am today.

After a lot of come to heart moments, I decided to have the tough conversation and tell Scott that I wanted to follow my own path. That I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to go, but I needed to do it by myself so that I was the only fucker affected by it.

This happened around my Saturn return at 28, and I was up to my tits in debt we had accumulated. In my sheer need to escape, I decided to take on all of the debt from the company as part of me buying out the company. After some quarrels with that deal, I realized I was paying a very large sum of money for a name I didn’t even really care about. So I said fuck it, owned up the debt, and dissolved the company.

I was in a little bit of a weird place, and some weird as shit happened that I’m not going to discuss on this platform, but lets just say it was about as wild as it fucking gets and I’m not proud of it. At all.

That put a lot of extra baggage on this game though. A whole lotta psychic problems. But I also had a transformative awakening experience that made me sure of some soul contract shit that had to get resolved.

Then I got a couple really dope jobs. I got hired to go film a yoga retreat in Molokai Hawaii. I would be filming SEMA in Las Vegas (a dream), and then coming home for 12 hours, leaving for HI at 4am. My dude was going to be the chef on the trip, and got very ill at the last minute. I didn’t know anyone of this adventure to HI, but this being my first time in HI, I was beyond excited. I had always wanted to go HI, and I was going to fucking MOLOKAI! The most OG experience of Hawaii I could get.

On this magical trip, I also met someone who would literally change my life. Someone who would spark so much growth inside of myself. Someone who would push me to be a better man, and shed off every layer of untruth that was inside of me.

Then I had the darkest nights of the soul. Depression hit an all time high. I had no fucking clue what I was going to do with my life, but I was in it.

I definitely thought about ending it a couple times, but I had made that decision when I was 12, the first time I contemplated suicide, that I wasn’t going to do that. That was quitting, and it would only hurt my friends and family more than anything. So I just had to cry and cry until it didn’t hurt anymore.

After paying off all the debt from the business that had been killing me, I finally started my new company, Viscerah. Not even a month later, Nick called me.

“YO! I’m workin on a new EP, and I have a song I want to make a music video for. Can I send it to you?”

I was completely blown away after the first listen, and had to hear the whole EP. He sent me the rest of the demos and I called him back screaming “YOU DIDN’T JUST WRITE AN ALBUM! YOU WROTE THE SCORE TO A MOVIE!”
“So.. do we make a movie?”