NOT Knowing.

“I don’t know” is a funny little phrase that we tend to not embrace as humans of the modern age.

We act like we’re supposed to “Know” everything, right now. Today’s society is all about being specific. “This is what I want, this is how I need it to be done, and I need it to be done yesterday.” “This is how I want the person I’m going to marry to be.” “This is how I want my in-n-out burger.”

I feel like you lose a lot when you’ve got to “know.”

The scary part about knowing is the opposite polarity of what we feel like we get when we “know.”

There’s beauty in not knowing. Let me tell you why.

When you don’t know, the possibilities are truly endless. You could be supported and shown up for by the universe in so many ways that your three-brained human vessel can’t even begin to conceive.

What if everything we are looking for lies on the other side of not knowing? Every moment of love that takes our breath away. Every smile that makes your heart skip a beat. Every opportunity that makes you jump up and down in your kitchen with excitement.

What if all of the best things in your life lie on the other side of not knowing? Would you trade “Knowing” for an infinite potential of happiness? For a well of love so deep that you couldn’t even fathom it before you decided to just surrender in to “not knowing?”

Let’s rewrite the story of “not knowing.” It doesn’t have to be scary; it could be exhilarating. It doesn’t have to cause anxiety; it can cause peace knowing that there are infinite ways for your dreams to come through.

I feel like we so often lock ourselves in to these boxes of how things are going to be to help give some sort of balance to the entropy that is human existence. To make us feel like we have some control.

The beauty is, what we really know, is that we don’t know anything. We’re a three dimensional, three brained human meat sack that has been on the planet we call earth for less than 3x10^(-7)% of the existence of our visible universe. We’ve grown up with trauma and raised by other uniquely un-perfect humans. Do we really know what’s best for us?

And do we really need to know?

Are You Using Your Imagination Daily?

You’re exercising your body every day, and hopefully exercising your mind.. but are you exercising your imagination?

This is easier than you think it is. Remember, waaay back when, when you were just a little grommet playing with something silly. Legos. Or Lincoln logs. There were no rules. No set way to play the game. Sure, you could follow the instructions, but you could always add or modify.

When we were kids, this activity of imagination was something we used ALL THE TIME. All day long. Every school yard game, every action figure. We played with our imagination.

What if I told you that your imagination works in your adult life even better than it could have when you were a kid?

I know it’s hard to believe, but as an adult, you now possess the ability to ACT on your imaginations. You can literally create them in to reality. You have all these skills. You know people. You know how to use the internet and look up how to do anything. You can bring your imagination to reality more than ever before.

Why we stopped using our imagination all the time is a complex issue that I don’t want to get in to right now. What I want to help do is remind you that exercising your imagination is exercising your ability to literally change your reality.

You create what you imagine. If you can imagine a better world, you can create a better world. That product idea that you’ve had forever ago and NO ONE has made it still? Go do that shit. That efficiency update you’ve always wanted to tell your boss? Stop him at the coffee machine today and make the suggestion.

The more we practice using our imagination, the better we get at it. That means the more we play and practice imagination a better life for us and those around us, we literally all get better at creating that reality.

So take some time this week to imagination something awesome. For you, for the world, whatever you want!!

That’s the friggin’ beauty of it. ?